Safe and Fair Community Unit

We are a University of Tasmania service that provides support, advice and information to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our University community.

Something to report?

We respond to notifications of sexual assault or sexual harassment, concerns raised in relation to wellbeing or behaviour, reports of misconduct and the lodgement of general concerns or complaints.

Report a concern or lodge a complaint in our online system

You can report:

  • Concerns or complaints about inappropriate or concerning behaviour
  • Disclosures or reports of sexual harm, including sexual assault and sexual harassment
  • Child safety concerns
  • General complaints about a service or your University experience
  • Wellbeing concerns about yourself or someone you know

What does the Safe and Fair Community Unit do?

The Safe and Fair Community Unit (SaFCU) aims for early identification and intervention of concerning behaviour which could affect the safety and wellbeing of individuals or other community members. If you have experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment, or observed concerning or unacceptable behaviour, or you wish to make a complaint, we encourage you to contact SaFCU.

We are here to listen, provide information and advice regarding your options and support, and where appropriate, will facilitate actions to assist you with your situation.

SaFCU resources for students and staff

Addressing Food Insecurity

TUSA's new initiative - The Food Hub, provides food relief and support on the Sandy Bay campus. It's available for all University of Tasmania students who are experiencing food insecurity. Students can Register here.

Location: The Ref*, Sandy Bay campus
Opening Hours: 11am-2pm, Mon - Fri (Including UTAS holidays, closed on public holidays.)

*The Ref is open Monday to Friday 9am-4pm, and is a great space for students to connect, hang out and study.

Find out more about The Food Hub

Respect. Now. Always.

The University of Tasmania is committed to being a place where all members of our community feel safe, secure and respected.

We want to ensure zero instances of sexual assault and sexual harassment at our University.

Find out more about how we are creating a safe and fair community

University expectations

The University's Behaviour Policy sets out the values, standards and expectations for behaviour that apply to our University community. People are the heart of our community. We want you to be safe, feel valued, and to actively contribute to our mission. Our University subscribes to the fundamental values of respect and self-respect, fairness and justice, integrity, trust and trustworthiness, responsibility and honesty.

When members of our community behave in a manner that is not aligned to our values and expectations, our focus will be on early intervention and restoration, providing an opportunity to understand the implications of inappropriate behaviour, and to rebuild responsibility and accountability. Inappropriate behaviours can be demonstrated in different ways. Please read Examples of Inappropriate Behaviour (PDF 80.5 KB) to understand more.

In circumstances where the inappropriate behaviour is of a serious nature and risks to health and safety are apparent, we will act swiftly and decisively to ensure safety for our community and to maintain our values-based culture.

A safe and respectful University community is everybody's responsibility

Below is a range of policies and procedures to assist you in understanding the processes we have in place to keep yourself and others safe.